30 years of Swiss-designed cooking technology

Pacotizing®: stand out through unforgettable quality

Unique culinary experiences for your guests. Less work for you and your kitchen team.

30 years of Swiss-designed cooking technology

Pacotizing®: stand out through unforgettable quality

Unique culinary experiences for your guests. Less work for you and your kitchen team.

A limitless diversity of high-quality dishes

You can use your Pacojet in many different ways: for sorbets, ice creams, farces, mousses, soups, concentrates, doughs, mixtures, and much more.

The special pacotizing® process intensifies the flavors of the ingredients and preserves their fresh, natural colors. It results in ultra-fine, airy textures – a unique flavor sensation you can reproduce any time at the push of a button.

Seductive desserts
Seductive desserts
Aromatic pestos
Aromatic pestos
Ultra-fine purees and gels
Ultra-fine purees and gels
Airy-light whipped goat's cheese
Airy-light whipped goat's cheese
Creative macaron fillings
Creative macaron fillings
Creamy hummus
Creamy hummus
Fresh tartares
Fresh tartares
Vibrantly green soups
Vibrantly green soups

Experience the Pacojet with all the senses

Flavor explosions on the tongue

Pacotizing® greatly increases the surface area of the ingredients. This intensifies their flavors.

A firework of colors

The special pacotizing® process preserves the fresh, natural colors of the foods.

A creamy, delicate mouthfeel

Because pacotizing® micro-purees the ingredients and incorporates up to approx. 1 bars of air pressure, this creates ultra-fine and airy textures.

The Pacojet

Your reliable partner

From the secret weapon of top chefs to an absolute must-have kitchen aid: the Pacojet has become an essential feature of professional kitchens worldwide – from owner-managed restaurants to caterers and the food-services industry.

Pacotizing® involves the micro-pureeing of fresh, deep-frozen foods using overpressure without thawing. This allows the foods to shine in their purest, most natural form.

The unique cooking system combines limitless creativity with top results and cost efficiency.

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A simple and speedy process for perfect results

Fill the pacotizing® beaker with fresh ingredients
Deep-freeze and store the pacotizing® beaker
Pacotize® by the portion

Passion for pacotizing®

Maximum quality and value creation

30 years of the Pacojet means

Limitless creativity and diversity
so that you can conjure up unique dishes
Flavor sensations that are guaranteed to impress
which can be easily reproduced any time at the push of a button
Efficient work processes
that don't require time-intensive tasks such as peeling
Sustainable, cost-effective production
with zero waste (incl. high-quality flavor and nutrient carriers such as fruit peel and vegetable stems) and no excess production
Profitable investment
with an amortization within six months
Flexibility in the kitchen
thanks to the use of deep-frozen foods that are prepared in advance and available any time, fresh and quick, when needed for service

Recipe of the season

Radicchio trevisano ice creamAlmond Gianduja

Ingredients for 1 pacotizing® beaker
1 pacotizing® beaker = 10 portions

500g sour cream
100g powdered sugar
60g lemon juice
8g milk powder 1,5% fat
30g Radicchio trevisano

(1) Mix the sour cream, powdered sugar, lemon juice and milk powder together and add the diced radicchio trevisano. Mix all ingredients together. Pour into a pacotizing® beaker, close the lid. (2) Label the pacotizing® beaker and freeze at −20 °C for at least 24 hours. (3) Pacotize® once if necessary.

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Antonello de Marco

Art Boutique Hotel Monopol, St. Moritz

"I grew up using the Pacojet. Wherever I have cooked since, there it was. And that's a good thing. I wouldn't be without it, because the Pacojet helps me get the most out of my ingredients."

From curry pastes to ice creams

Genuss Manufaktur Neubad

Traditional wine tavern in St. Gallen

Half of the home-made and freshly prepared dishes featured on the tasting menus are made with the Pacojet. Ice creams, meat and fish farces, vegetable purees, pastes, oils, and sauces as well as herb oils are just some of the many Pacojet creations that delight Sandro Vladani's guests each day.

Working sustainably and efficiently

Restaurant Candela

Creative cuisine from East Switzerland

"Pacojet is an essential purchase because efficiency in the kitchen is very important, and the versatility of this device is simply infinite," says Reto Hofer, Chef de Cuisine.


Working with the Pacojet

Here you will find recipe videos, helpful tips, and instructions on pacotizing®.

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Pacojet courses online and offline

Cook with us in person at one of our Pacojet masterclasses, or take part in one of our live webinars.

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