Ice Cream and Sorbets

Tuna Ice Cream


Ingredients for 1 pacotizing® beaker

1 pacotizing® beaker = 10 portions

275 g milk
180 g canned tuna, drained
160 g cream
145 g egg yolk
110 g sugar
20 g canned capers drained
3 g salt

Recipe preparation

(1) Strain and drain the tuna. Boil the cream and milk, mix the egg yolk and sugar and stir in, heat to 82 °C. Add the remaining ingredients and stir. Pour into a pacotizing® beaker, close the lid and label.
(2) Freeze at −20 °C for at least 24 h.
(3) Pacotize® two times if necessary. 

 Tip: Season with some yuzu juice and Noilly Brat.

Pacojet settings

Mode: Pacotizing®
Pressure settings: Normal pressure 
Number of automatic repetitions: 2
Jet®-Mode suitable: yes