Repeated pacotizing® without interruption

The programmable automatic repeat function of the Pacojet 2 PLUS further optimizes pacotizing® results when needed, enabling variations in mixing, consistency, stability and color.
Depending upon the recipe, the pacotizing® process can be run up to nine times by beaker or by portion without releasing the over-pressure. This saves time because intermediate steps such as re-freezing are no longer necessary.

Pacojet-repeat function

Pacotizing® beaker fill volume

The table below shows possible effects on volume following repeated pacotizing®. These are approximate values. Deviations are possible. The most notable effects result from repeated pacotizing® of the entire pacotizing® beaker in one processing cycle with over-pressure.

(Caution: Adjust pacotizing® beaker fill volume in advance!)

  • The volume expands the most during the first pacotizing® cycle.
  • Increasing the number of pacotizing® repetitions with over-pressure increases the volume and changes the consistency.
  • Emulsions become finer and more stable.
  • Group of recipes 1 x pacotize®
    Total volume*
    2 x pacotize®
    Total volume*
    3 x pacotize®
    Total volume*
    Ice creams (Anglaise) + 15-30% + 30-55% not recommended
    (from fresh fruit)
    + 15-30% + 30-60% not recommended
    Mousses + 10-25% + 25-35% + 35-45%
    Farces + 10-25% + 25-35% + 35-45%
    Concentrates y
    and soups
    + 0-50% + 0-100% + 0-100%
    Doughs and pastries + 10-25% + 25-35% + 35-45%
    e.g. Pure nuts
    e.g. Nuts with oil

    + 10%
    + 10-25%

    + 10%
    + 25-35%

    + 10%
    + 35-45%

    *based on the non-pacotized®, frozen pacotizing® beaker contents


    • Depending on the recipe, the quantity of pacotizing® beaker contents must be adjusted or reduced according to the number of planned repetitions.
    • If large volume expansion results due to repeated pacotizing® with the repeat function, there is a risk that pacotized® contents will be pushed into the inside of the machine and damage the device.
    • Take changes in consistency and temperature into account.