Pacotizing® – amazingly easy

Pacotizing® redefines classic preparation methods from scratch. The starting point is market-fresh ingredients – herbs, vegetables, fish, meat or fruit. No matter what you want to create with your Pacojet – you can reach your goal in three easy steps.

1. Prepare and fill:


Simple preparation of the fresh ingredients (cut into pieces, add liquid)

2. Freeze and store:


Freeze for at least 24 hours at min. -22°C and max. -23°C.

3. Pacotize® individual portions:


For service or mise en place

You benefit from:
  • Reduced workload: Time-consuming tasks such as peeling, straining, ice baths and blanching are no longer necessary.
  • Ready to serve à la minute: The frozen creations are always fresh and quick to access – increasing flexibility.
  • Recipes guaranteed to succeed: Excellent results every time with three easy steps..