Pacojet Coupe Set blade inserts
for mincing, chopping and blending

The Pacojet Coupe Set expands the Pacojet’s versatility with special blade inserts for mincing, chopping and blending. Within just 60 seconds, fresh produce is processed gently and with perfect uniformity – no crushing or warming. The result is finely chopped tartares, purees and sauces, etc. at the touch of a button.

Pacojet-Konzept-Anwendungsempfehlung-Hacken-01 Pacojet-Konzept-Anwendungsempfehlung-Hacken-02 Pacojet-Konzept-Anwendungsempfehlung-Hacken-03 Pacojet-Konzept-Anwendungsempfehlung-Hacken-04 Pacojet-Konzept-Anwendungsempfehlung-Hacken-05 Pacojet-Konzept-Anwendungsempfehlung-Hacken-06

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These abbreviated recommendations are intended as a quick guide and do not replace the User Manual. The User Manual contains the system specific instruction of use.