Pacojet Summit

The mission

About 30 years ago, Pacojet revolutionized the world of professional gastronomy. The unique cooking system with Swiss roots takes a clear position: ­respectful handling of food, appreciation of origin and naturalness, as well as creativity and precision when processing. These values determine our thinking and acting and were the main drivers behind our «Pacojet Summit» project.


Three producers, three chefs and the Pacojet team

The Pacojet Summit is a journey through the Swiss Alps that brings people together who stand for the natural sourcing of food and culinary art at the highest level. For three days we listened to each other, learned from each other and worked together to write a story – a love story with Pacojet. The starting point of our journey was the Hide Hotel in Flims, Switzerland. The Pacojet team met with the host and chef Antonello De Marco as well as Andrea Werth and Christian Oliveira, both team members of the Swiss National Culinary Team 2020.


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Best Buddy – love working with Pacojet. It is extremely durable, flexible and, thanks to its unique processing, offers exciting opportunities to refine my recipes or create
something new.

_Christian Oliveira, Team member, Swiss National Culinary Team 2020

Christian Oliveira mit dem Pacojet
Eine Gurkenkaltschale aus dem Pacojet
Handschrift "My Signature"

Deconstructed chilled cucumber soup:

cucumber kimchi, flambéed cucumber, marinated snack cucumber, goat cheese cream, cucumber broth, dill oil, pumpernickel chips

«My signature dish is essentially a simple chilled cucumber soup. I enjoy it very much in summer because it is refreshing and tastes delicious. I present it on the plate in its individual components. From cucumber broth, with its intense flavor, to creamy, whipped goat cheese to a uniform stack of pumpernickel chips – each is made with Pacojet.»

Love at first sight – the Pacojet has been with me since my apprenticeship. I’ve never worked without it and also can’t imagine doing so. It simply belongs in the professional kitchen.

_Andrea Werth, Team member, Swiss National Culinary Team 2020

Pacossierte Schokolade im Chromstal paccossier Becher
Andrea Werth beim Pacossieren
Das Bild zeigt Andrea Werth mit ihrem Dessert
Popcorn aus dem Pacojet
Handschrift "My Signature"


Farina Bóna ice cream, caramelized popcorn crunch, airy chocolate raspberry ganache, pear compote

«In my dessert, I wanted to incorporate snapshots of my life. The pear compote is reminiscent of the pear tree in my Nonna’s garden and goes perfectly with the acidity of the raspberries. Farina Bóna is a specialty from Ticino, where I used to work. This recipe also illustrates the cornucopia of potential that the Pacojet opened up for me. In this regard, the ‹Pacojet Summit› project was a journey of discovery for me that will continue.»

Das Bildzeigt Antonello de Marco beim anrichten eines Gerichtes

Inseparable – I grew up with Pacojet. Wherever I’ve cooked since then – Pacojet was already there. And that’s a good thing because I wouldn’t want to miss Pacojet.

_Antonello De Marco, Chef, The Hide Hotel, Flims

Das Bild zeigt Antonello de Marco beim Kräuter pflücken
Das Bild zeigt die Zubereitung der Karottenvariationen mit dem Pacojet
Das Bild zeigt die mit dem Pacojet zubereitete Karottenvariationen
Handschrift "My Signature"

Carrot variation:

Carrot and crab cream, fermented carrot juice, fermented carrot ice cream, citrus oil, hay

«I want to present dishes that can be produced to the highest quality thanks to the Pacojet. Citrus oil with this intensity can only be produced using the Pacojet. A cream of crab meat and carrot reaches the finest consistency with Pacojet, without loss of flavor or color. Incidentally, I can also use the Pacojet to transform raw carrots into ice cream.»


Our passion for quality

In order to learn the meaning of nativeness and origin, we visited producers from the ­region. An excursion into the Swiss alps whose beauty left us in awe. In the alpine dairy farm, arctic char farm and butcher shop, we met people who stand behind their products and are devoted to their work.

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Alp Cavel, alpine dairy farm, Castrisch / Switzerland

It was really impressive to see how hard the dairy maid and her team have to labor to process fresh alpine milk into quality products. True value still counts: team spirit, discipline and perseverance are of their everyday life, as is gratitude for the special moments and love for nature. To experience this was incredible.

Senenrei Alp Cavel
Die Köchin Andrea Werth mit der Sennerin der Alp Cavel

«The flavor of fresh alpine milk is second to none. You can taste the fresh grass and the herbs that the animals eat every day and feel the devotion that the dairy maid places on the quality of her products. It is this diligence that I wanted to reflect with my dessert and with Pacojet I could realize it.»

_Andrea Werth

Alpenmilch in einem Chromstahl Pacossier®-Becher
Der Pacojet vor der Sennerei Alp Cavel mit Koch und Sennerin
Die Sennerin der Alp Cavel beim arbeiten

Lumare, alpine fish farm, Cumbel / Switzerland

Secluded in a clearing in Val Lumnezia lies the fish farm Lumare at 1,200 meters – the second stop on our trip. Here we were shown environmentally friendly fish farming, which uses only fresh mountain water and also attaches great importance to the appropriate feeding technology and responsible care. Now we also know how to properly remove a fish from the net with our hands.

«I pacotized® the raw arctic char with Pacojet because its pureness comes into its own when it is left in its natural state without being heated on the plate. As a chef, I can only agree with the farmer’s recommendation – because what could be better than a freshly caught fish?»

_Christian Oliveira

Ein Fisch der Fischzucht Lumare
Das Bild zeigt die Pacojetköche in der alpinen Fischzucht

Gurtner butcher shop, Flims Dorf / Switzerland

Working with a family business that feels committed to its values gives every professional chef a good feeling. Fredi Gurtner is the third generation to run his butcher shop in Flims. Traditions are as cherished here as new recipes tested with the Pacojet. We were happy to let him inspire us with his ideas.

Das Bild zeigt einen Dialog in der Metzgerei Gurtner zwischen dem Metzger und einem Pacojet Koch
Das Bild zeigt den Metzger Gurtner

«A good product accounts for 80 % of my work. Our restaurant ‹Hide Dining› obtains Gurtner beef to prepare dry-aged beef. Trust in the ethical treatment and feeding of the animals can only be built if you know each other. It is a prerequisite that quality is passed on from hand to hand and that we share and live the same philosophy.»

_Antonello De Marco

Das Bild zeigt Fleisch
Das Bild zeigt Bratwürste
Das Bild zeigt den Pacojet bei der Zubereitung von Knochenmark Pannacotta

«Fredi and I spontaneously decided to prepare a sausage to go with my dish ‹Meat & Bone› in addition to the dry-aged beef and bone marrow panna cotta. It was fun for us to select the right meat. I prepared the sausage meat farce, then we pacotized® it together, mixed it with ground beef and then seasoned it – a perfect filling for our homemade sausage.»


The finale of our culinary journey of discovery

Filled with impressions and motivation we started to conjure up a gala dinner from the food garnered on our culinary voyage of discovery. Right in the middle of it all was the new Pacojet 3D, with which we were able to discover new pacotizing® dimensions for the first time.

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Invitation to the gala dinner

The gala dinner is an expression of our highest ­appreciation for the producers’ work. We composed a harmonious succession, highlighting the potential for creativity as well as the Pacojet 3D’s diverse pacotizing® options. We cooked, we laughed and learned a lot. In these three days we grew into a really great team.

Die Köche des Pacojet Teams

Starter Christian Oliveira

Arctic char from the Lumare alpine fish farm in Cumbel, kohlrabi, herbs, Flims spruce

Arctic char semi-cooked, arctic char herb farce, artic char tartare with hemp seed, arctic char mousse, skin chip, kohlrabi salad, pickled kohlrabi, mirabelle plum jelly, beurre blanc with spruce oil

Das Bild zeigt einen mit dem Pacojet zubereiteten Saibling
Das Bild zeigt Christian Oliveira mit dem Pacojet

«The poached arctic char farce with herbs was a first-class success with the Pacojet. It was fine and airy and delighted the guests with the naturalness of the color and intensity of the flavor. I created a reference to the Flims mountains with freshly picked spruce sprouts which I processed with the Pacojet into an oil.»

_Christian Oliveira

Das Bild zeigt Christian Oliveira beim verabeiten eines Lachs
Das Bild zeigt einen mit dem Pacojet zubereiteten Saibling
Das Bild zeigt Christian Oliveira beim zubereiten seines Gerichts

Main course Antonello de Marco

Meat & Bone from the Gurtner butcher shop in Flims

Bone marrow panna cotta, bordelaise sauce, dry aged ­tagliata, homemade sausage with pacotized® meat, fine powder ­dressing, pickled chanterelles and their puree

«My panna cotta recipe from bone marrow really only works with the Pacojet because with a fat content of 80 % no heat may come into play. When the frozen bone marrow is pacotized®, it retains its snow white color and develops a lovely consistency.»

_ Antonelleo de Marco

Antonello de Marco beim verfeinern seines Gerichts

Dessert Andrea Werth

Milk from the Alp Cavel, alpine dairy farm in Castrisch, ­berries, Grisons buckwheat

Fior di Latte ice cream, meringue with dried raspberries, ­strawberry preserves, cream cheese mousse, salty buckwheat crumble, caramelized and puffed buckwheat

Das Bild zeigt Andrea Werth beim anrichten des Desserts

«As a pastry chef, I love to be very precise and organized in my work. Pacojet means working to perfection. Whether ice cream, mousse or crumble – to produce quality, I simply have to stick to my recipe in order to always achieve the desired result with the Pacojet.»

_ Andrea Werth

Das Bild zeigt Himbeeren
Das Bild zeigt das Pacojet Dessert Fior di latte Eis
Das Bild zeigt Andrea Werth beim zubereiten des Desserts

The producers were absolutely delighted with our gala dinner. We sang, laughed and celebrated, I feel as I am part of a big family.

_ Andrea Werth

Our guests were astonished when they saw everything that we could cook up from their products. It’s great that we were able to pay back a little of their hospitality this way.

_ Christian Oliveira

It was a wonderful experience. I already have a number of years of professional experience and I have seen a lot. And yet, I saw a lot with new eyes.

_ Antonello De Marco