Starters and Main CoursesDessertsServiceTotal
Beaker calcilator Pacojet, Starters and Main CoursesBeaker calcilator Pacojet, DessertsBeaker calcilator Pacojet, ServiceBeaker calcilator Pacojet, Total
Mousse /
ConcentratesSoups /
Dough /
Ice CreamSorbetOtherCleaningReserveBeaker calcilator Pacojet, Beaker
up to 20 guests22426421124
20-60 guests33639631135
60-90 Gäste448412841146
90-120 Gäste66126181261168

Grow your profit
from every pacotizing® beaker

Number of pacotizing® beakers required based on business size and applications.

Make your Pacojet Cooking System even more profitable by ensuring you have the optimal number of beakers on hand. Based on the average number of guests, our beaker calculator determines the number of pacotizing® beakers required for your various applications.