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Renowned Chef Rolf Caviezel Creates Seasonal Menus for Pacojet


Pacojet is pleased to announce that it has entered into a cooperation agreement with molecular chef Rolf Caviezel. As Pacojet’s new brand ambassador, Chef Caviezel will be creating seasonal menus for the international audience to be presented on the Pacojet website three times per year.

Named “best molecular chef in German-speaking Switzerland” by Gourmet Journal, Chef Caviezel runs Station 1, a restaurant in Grenchen, together with his wife, Célia. Only one year after opening, the popular restaurant has already been nominated for a prestigious “Best of Swiss Gastro Award 2011”.

In addition to his restaurant, however, Chef Caviezel has become well-known for his many other forays into the world of molecular cuisine. He has made it a mission to share his passion for molecular cooking by bringing it into normal households. With this in mind, he has published two highly-acclaimed books, made numerous television appearances and produced a web-TV series, already in its second season of production.

Chef Caviezel also uses his kitchen at Station 1 to teach aspiring chefs and novices the how-tos of molecular cooking. In cooperation with Pacojet, he will be offering special workshops to Pacojet customers. “A Pacojet is an absolute must for molecular cooking.” Said Caviezel. “Given that we redefine and change the form of ingredients, this appliance is indispensible.”

Chef Caviezel also plans to feature Pacojet in his other activities, such as trade shows and television appearances.

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with Chef Caviezel” said Anja Manz, CEO of Pacojet. “He is not only a first-rate chef, but he has the unique ability of making the art of preparing molecular cuisine accessible to everyone, from novice cooks to professionals. I am confident Chef Caviezel will make an excellent Brand Ambassador for Pacojet, both by promoting Pacojet and by providing training and menus to Pacojet customers.”

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